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REDARC Portable Solar Blanket Reviewed

REDARC Portable Solar Blanket Reviewed

Mike Collister from Adventure Curated has just returned from a “ripper” trip along the Great Australian Bight. On his trip Mike uses the new REDARC Portable Solar Blanket SunPower® Cells. Mike mentions that he enjoys travelling light, so the portable solar blanket was perfect for him. “It packs small enough to never think twice about bringing it along and the 150-watt size provides all the power we need, and then some.”

In Mike’s review of the solar blanket he mentions how easy the blanket is to use. “Using the panel is simply a matter of unfolding it, popping it out in the sun and then plugging it in. It can go on the ground, the bonnet, anywhere really.” Mike has a REDARC BCDC Battery Charger in his vehicle, which includes the inbuilt solar regulator. He uses an Anderson plug wired to the BCDC, which is ready to receive the cable directly from the solar panel.

“Once in the sun, our panel will happily provide enough power to run our fridge, charge our batteries and leave our vehicles second battery topped up ready for nightfall. Our second battery is large enough that we can power a few cloudy days of less or minimal solar input, so the system works really well for us.”

“From the sturdy cable through to the solid construction of the panel, this blanket has an over engineered feel, just the way we like it! Although time will tell, like our other REDARC equipment, the SunPower® Solar Blanket seems ready not just for one big trip but many.”


Read Mike’s full review here.


This has been republished with permission from Mike Collister.

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