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Portable power for any adventure

Portable power for any adventure

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to get out and explore the great outdoors.  Getting away from the crowds on land or water is in high demand these days, which means off-grid power is essential if you want to charge up personal devices, mobile phones, portable speakers, and fridges.

Power a fridge and all your devices with REDARC's portable power system, GoBlock

CPAP and off-grid camping is now possible

With one in ten Australians suffering from sleep apnoea, getting away for a few nights can be a daunting activity especially if you’re limited to locations that must have access to power to run a CPAP machine.

REDARC’s GoBlock portable power system is the solution. Able to be charged at home, via your vehicle’s alternator while driving and via solar at camp, the 100Ah lithium battery can power a CPAP machine for up to two nights on a single full charge. This means that those weekend getaways are back on the cards.

When you get home, GoBlock can be removed from the car, freeing up space for everything that life throws at you. 

Take portable power with you with REDARC's GoBlock

For a week away with the family

Finding the space to install a dual battery system in a 4WD engine bay can be challenging. If you’re only looking to adventure for a week at a time, it can be difficult to justify the hassle of installing a full dual battery system. GoBlock is the ideal solution for this. At the size of a carton of beer, GoBlock can be taken in and out of the car with ease and tucked away in the boot or behind a seat while driving.

As a capable, portable dual battery system, it can run a fridge for five days on a single charge and keep phones, cameras, tablets and drones charged so even when you’re off-grid you’re never fully disconnected. Plug it into a solar panel, and your GoBlock will keep your devices powered for as long as you need.

Built tough, there’s no need to worry about dust, sand or spilled drinks around the GoBlock. Designed for Australian conditions, it’s ready for almost any situation and made with high quality lithium battery cells enclosed in a rough, fully sealed aluminium case. It’s been built to ensure it can survive typical outdoor adventure scenarios.

Take power on the beach with you with REDARC's GoBlock

For the avid fisherman

If a summer fishing trip is on the agenda, keep everything cold when your 12v fridge is powered with the GoBlock. One of the benefits of GoBlock over a traditional dual battery system is its versatility. Charge the GoBlock up at home via AC mains power before the trip or on the way via your vehicle’s alternator, put it in the boat and keep all your devices charged and running for as long as the fish are biting.

Both a portable power source and flexible in-vehicle dual battery system, GoBlock can power your electronics and accessories when you’re on the road. Built tough and intelligent, it can last 2000+ cycles (almost 10 years) and receive over the air firmware updates, so will always stay ahead of the pack. Learn more about how GoBlock could work for your setup.

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