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Unbeatable Rigs: The Patriot Campers Megatourer

Unbeatable Rigs: The Patriot Campers Megatourer

The latest instalment of REDARC's Unbeatable Rigs series uncovers one of the most impressive six-wheel drives on the planet. The Patriot Campers’ iconic Megatourer.

After the cult following garnered for their Black Truck build, the Gold Coast-based manufacturer upped the ante by releasing a 6x6 custom-built and fully equipped to tackle anything, anywhere, anytime.


megatourer offroad


How the Megatourer was born


After Patriot Camper’s Justin Montesalvo’s trip to SEMA in November 2016, he was inspired by the scale and quality of the builds that the USA was producing and decided to design a touring vehicle to match that scale and flair without compromising on touring capabilities.

The concept for a 6X6 vehicle wasn’t a new one, but Patriot Campers’ industry relationships and experience building the legendary Supertourer range, Justin knew that his team could create a six-wheel touring vehicle that would rise above the rest.

The team from Jmacx Offroad Solutions worked closely with the Patriot Campers team to develop a revised chassis to accommodate the extra axle of the Megatourer. The system weighs a mere 350kgs more than the standard 79 Series chassis and is the lightest of its kind on the market. The chassis upgrade provides a GVM upgrade of up to 6.2 tonnes and a coil conversion kit keeps the Megatourer riding smooth and comfortable.


The ultimate 6WD off-road tourer


The additional braking capacity provided by the Jmacx system is complemented by the performance racing brake setup from WP Pro Brakes that features 360mm disc brakes all around and a six-pot brake calliper helps to pull the 7m Megatourer up at high speeds.

Portal Axles from Mark’s 4WD in Melbourne provide additional ground clearance and the adjustable custom air ride system from Airbag Man gives the Megatourer 8” of lift.

The Megatourer features the next generation of Supertourer styling with reworked rear toolboxes, angled sheet metal front and rear guards and the integrated Pioneer platform from Rhino sits atop the LandCruiser’s dual cab for additional storage. Dual row LED lightbars from X-Ray Vision help to light the way ahead.


megatourer interior


Patriot Campers engaged the design and engineering experts at TJM to help design a hoopless, slimline, body-coloured bullbar for the LC79 that adds to the distinct styling of the Megatourer but function over form prevails as the depth and strength of the bullbar adds to the Megatourer’s touring prowess.

The team at GSL took the base model Toyota LC79 and worked their magic adding more than 150kw at the wheels on 37” tyres. The expert craftsmanship of the Granville locals added lobster-back welded pipework and a massive turbo to power all six wheels. As an added touch, the exhaust is routed through twin 4” exhaust stacks.

The Megatourer’s suspension system has been completely reworked and the team from Airbag Man have developed a custom system for the 6X6 that sits airbag suspension alongside one-off TJM shocks to provide adjustable height and damping for exceptional ride height and versatility.

Bathed in concrete grey paintwork inspired by prestige European supercars, the Megatourer rides on purpose-designed 18” wheels from ROH with machined alloy accents inside 37” mud rubber from the guys at Mickey Thompson making it a menacing, yet stylish looking truck.


megatourer redarc build


The entire interior has been reskinned in Nappa leather and suede from Trim Worx and behind the rear seats hides a glowing powerplant from REDARC’s Manager30 that manages the full electronics suite of two lithium batteries and two AGM batteries, twin compressors, twin air tanks, solar panels and a full lighting system from X-Ray Vision. An 8” Alpine screen and custom instrument consoles round out the high-spec Megatourer interior.


Equipped for remote touring


Proving the Megatourer isn’t just a show truck, it features front and rear winches from TJM, twin air-outlets to manage tyre pressures, a 70L water tank and lockable mini canopy that hide a 60L fridge.

An air snorkel and dual, angle-mounted spare tyre carriers mean the Megatourer is ready for cross country touring of the harshest variety, while the Tow-Pro Elite helps ensure whatever this 6x6 is towing is in total control all of the time.


megatourer tow-pro towing


For long-range touring, the Megatourer is fitted with two Brown Davis replacement fuel tanks to allow for 240L of diesel and an auxiliary switch manages fuel distribution while a pre-fuel filter kit keeps the fuel line free of impurities.

All of this was accomplished ahead of the Megatourer’s official international unveiling at the National 4X4 show in Melbourne and has since seen it feature throughout season 2 of their hugely Patriot Games series as well as undertake countless trips throughout Australia.



The team at Patriot Games are truly ahead of the pack when it comes to vehicle builds and high-quality off-road customisations, showing no signs of slowing down.

Patriot Games is an adventure-lifestyle and reality show about Patriot Campers and is available to stream for international audiences on their YouTube channel.

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