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One Day We Should...review a brake controller

One Day We Should is your typical family that have decided to pack up their bags and travel around Australia. In their own words, 'You’re never guaranteed tomorrow and even if you were there’s no guarantee you’ll be healthy. So we bought our rig and van, sold the house and haven’t looked back'.

Health and safety are absolutely critical for this young family of 5, and doing a big lap of Australia in a van requires the best of the best for safe trailer braking. Read more about why they chose the Tow-Pro Elite.


The perfect set-up


We are Gibbo and Kirby from 'One day we Should' travel blog.

We are a family of 5 who made the decision a year ago to sell our farm in Tasmania and set off on an indefinite lap of Australia. We had talked about doing a big trip for years often saying "one day we should”, then started our own blog as a way for our family and friends to keep track of our travels.

After spending years thinking about and planning our trip we purchased a dual cab Mazda BT50. We needed 5 seats, plenty of space for all of our gear and needed a capable 4X4 (because we love to see what is at the end of every track we come across). Our home is a 21-foot triple bunk van which we have setup to be fully self-contained, so we can live off-grid indefinitely.

We drove onto the Spirit of Tasmania 10 months ago to begin our big lap and last week we arrived back in Melbourne after travelling over 38,000km! We love all that Australia has to offer and spend most of our time in free camps on the coast or hidden away in the bush beside a river or watching the sunset over the red Australian outback.


One day we should... find the perfect spot


When the Towing gets tough


We have towed huge distances on all types of roads and found ourselves caught in all types of weather. Our combined weight when towing is nearly 6 tonnes, so when towing large loads like a caravan it is of vital importance for our families safety and the safety of everybody else on the road that your brakes will pull you up quickly and efficiently.

Electric trailer brakes have two major components; the brakes themselves, in our case 12'' electric drums on all four wheels and the brake controllerthe device which controls the brakes when they are applied. There are heaps of controllers available on the market but when it comes to something as important as brakes it is important not to use an inferior product.


Easy peasy


I've got stopping power


That is why we decided on the Australian made REDARC Tow-Pro Elite. This brake controller can safely operate up to three axle groups at 30A combined. That covers all conventional caravans and trailers you are ever likely to tow (unless you are a truck driver).

One of the biggest advantages of the REDARC unit is the size of the dial, the dial is small and simple yet modern, making it super sleek and blends perfectly with the interior in the ute. Having the dial separate from the controller allows the dial to be fit nearly anywhere on your dash or centre console. I installed ours within easy reach beside the gear shifter in our Mazda BT50.


Dialling it in


Take it from a sparky


Being an electrician for over a decade gives me an appreciation for how well built the REDARC units are. They come with very easy to follow instructions, but if for any reason you need technical advice, REDARC also offers unmatched customer service with their tech-helpline.

The Tow-Pro Elite gives you the choice of two types of control; 'Proportional' or more often my choice 'User-Controlled'. With the caravan attached it is a matter of simply adjusting the dial to the brake force required and each time you apply the brakes, the controller applies the caravan brakes too. The dial can also be pressed to operate the trailer brakes independently of the tow vehicle, this is a must-have feature if you like to go off-road as it allows you to slow the descent of the trailer and vehicle when going down steep terrain without the risk of jack-knifing.

So if you too are preparing to journey around our amazing country or need to tow heavy loads we believe you simply won't find a better brake controller than the Tow-Pro Elite.

Cheers - Kirby and Gibbo, One Day We Should

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