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NO LIMITS | 2020 Off-Grid Hilux Build

NO LIMITS | 2020 Off-Grid Hilux Build

A touring powerhouse, REDARC’s new 2020 Toyota Hilux SR5 was designed to push the limits when it comes to the ultimate off-grid adventure rig. Custom built by the experts in 4x4 power, it can do anything and go anywhere. Take a look behind the build to find out how we turned this stock Hilux into a rig ready for any adventure.




Off road ready


Designed with our NO LIMITS mentality, the whole vehicle’s been powered up to go anywhere and do anything with REDARC’s Australian-proof gear. To create the ultimate REDARC built we first needed to beef up its off-road capacity. For this, we enlisted the help of ARB who fit it out with some of the best 4WD gear available ready to handle any conditions.



REDARC's ultimate off grid build


Not just a pretty face, we also needed the Hilux to be able to go the distance. This meant doing a few modifications to get it ready for anything we could throw at it on the tracks.



Off grid ready


In the canopy


To make the Hilux off grid ready we brought it back to the REDARC workshop, where we put together a system that gives this vehicle the power to keep going. Inside the canopy is the heart of the 12v system and what makes the whole build so unique. In designing the canopy, we really pushed the limits of off grid power.


inside the hilux canopy


Included are two REDARC 60Ah lithium batteries, for a combined 120Ah of usable lithium power storage. These batteries last up to eight times longer than traditional deep cycle batteries and weigh in at only 8kg each.

To charge these batteries we’ve installed the Manager30, which can also take charge from vehicle solar and 240v mains power. This means that no matter how or where we are there’s always a charging source available. For off grid 240v power to charge all our household accessories, we’ve gone with a REDARC 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.


powered by REDARC


Controlling and monitoring this whole system is made easy with our RedVision Total Vehicle Management System. With all the wiring connected to a central distribution hub, the entire electrical system is controlled through the RedVision display. This allows us to easily monitor the state of charge of the batteries. Switching is also taken care of from this screen or a smartphone app, so we’re completely in control of all electrical loads.

On top of the canopy, we’ve mounted a 180W solar panel perfect for all our off grid travel needs. These panels are designed to survive and charge your batteries across both extreme weather conditions and extreme terrain.


Under the bonnet


Under the bonnet, we’ve added REDARC gear to the existing dual battery system to enhance the vehicle’s power and feed charge through to the cabin systems. This system includes a 25A BCDC In-Vehicle Charger and a Smart Battery Isolator. This BCDC not only charges the auxiliary battery when the vehicle is running but is able to connect to a portable solar panel or blanket.

The beauty of the DC charger and Isolator running in unison means that if worst comes to worst, we also have the ability to jump start the vehicle at just the push of a button.


Smart battery isolator under the bonnet


In the cabin


Inside the cab, this system is monitored by two REDARC gauges. The first to monitor boost pressure and exhaust gas temperature and the second to monitor the starting and auxiliary battery. Both gauges are set up with the alarm feature to ensure that the engine isn’t pushed too hard while towing or 4WDing.


Monitoring with gauges


We are also utilising a second RedVision display for complete visibility and control of the canopy system from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

The Hilux is also setup and ready for towing with a Tow-Pro Elite brake controller fitted discreetly under the dash and perfect for towing either on or off road.

Hidden away under the passenger seat, a 350W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is ready to tow any in car devices while on the road.


RedVision inside the cabin


Designed from the ground up, REDARC’s ultimate touring Hilux has been custom built with a full suite of REDARC 12v gear that can be used as an office during the week then take off into the outback, ready to remote camp for as long as we want.

When it comes to setting up your 12v system, with REDARC there are NO LIMITS to where you can go. Check out the full build story below, or tune into our new NO LIMITS series on YouTube to see how REDARC powers our ambassadors.


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