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In-Vehicle DC Battery Charger (BCDC1225) Review

In-Vehicle DC Battery Charger (BCDC1225) Review

Rob Sanderson from our previous blog post Tow-Pro Elite Review”, co-owner of Australian CamperTrailers, gives us his feedback on the BCDC1225 on CamperTrailers Tech Tips. In July 2012 Rob installed the DC to DC charger. Rob wrote a full article on the installation, how the charger works as a 3 stage DC-DC charger from the vehicles alternator and also as a MPPT solar regulator from the solar panel. Since installation Rob has written another detailed article reviewing the BCDC giving us updates in 2013 and more recently July of this year.



“Since that time (installation) we have managed to give it a good test in varying situations including camping over several days at a time and also on the road travelling from day to day. This is where the 3 stage DC-DC charger really comes into its own, recharging the remotely located batteries to 100% capacity while driving during the day.”



Rob recently went on a four week trip where the “charger once again proved its worth by maintaining our camper trailer batteries to full charge whatever the situation.” Rob was on the move most days with only short drives to the next bush campsite and several two day camps where he was able to lay the portable solar panel out in the sun.


Rob has updated his article saying that “The REDARC BCDC1225 allows us the freedom to bush camp and not having to visit a caravan park to charge the batteries from the 240 volt charger. We love our bush camping, whether it be in a national park, state forest or private property.”


To read Rob’s full review of the BCDC 1225, click here.


This has been republished with permission from Rob Sanderson.

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