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How to enjoy the great Aussie Outback

How to enjoy the great Aussie Outback

The duo at MATG have a trip in the pipeline, but with all trips big and small, lots of planning needs to occur to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip in the Outback – especially when being on the road for so long!

With MATG, it became clear that their focus was going to be on long distance travel into remote areas for weeks at a time.

As such, they needed to have a reliable set up which was going to allow them to carry all the necessary gear including photography and videography equipment, plus life’s essentials when remote travelling.

So they’re making some significant changes to their set up which comprises a 79 series Toyota Landcruiser, and a new Ultimate Camper. Between these two, they’ve fitted 4 Lithium batteries and have an additional 2 batteries under the bonnet. After all they have a lot of power that needs to be managed and controlled.

So how does one enjoy the great Aussie Outback? Here’s a look at their Ultimate set up.

After initial discussions, it was clear they were going to need a 12V 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter  to charge all their electronic equipment batteries and other accessories. The nifty thing about a pure sine inverter is that it produces power identical to household mains power – paramount for running sensitive electrical equipment.

Inverter install

Now they will be able to keep blogging on the road, charge their phones and cameras to take awesome snaps of our great Australian landscape and have a fresh hot cuppa in the morning.

And what’s a great set up without our Battery Management System? The Manager30 provides up to date information on their battery set up and charge status, and of course charges auxiliary batteries from multiple sources simultaneously.  Grant and Linda will have ultimate control of their lithium batteries at all times.

Ultimate conky matg

Their type of travel can be a lot of stop/starting at times and it’s not uncommon for the vehicle and camper can sit idle for a couple of hours while they’re off hiking. To ensure the system didn’t run flat during their absence, our 150W Monocrystalline slim line panel has been fitted to a roof rack set up on their camper, making the camper completely self-sufficient.

150W Monocyrstalline slim line panel

And because the Manager 30 is designed to use Green power priority, it will always use solar power first – talk about being green and efficient!

In addition with the MPPT solar regulator in-built into the Manager 30, Grant and Linda will have no problems getting the maximum available amount of power from their solar panels, even during low light conditions.

Now that they nearly have the camper complete and self-sufficient, we have a part two coming up where we see further modifications made to their tow vehicle. So make sure to check in regularly.

To keep up to date with their travels visit:

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