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Heading to the 2022 Big Red Bash

Heading to the 2022 Big Red Bash

For many years REDARC have sponsored the Big Red Bash and we’re all-in again for 2022. Every July, Birdsville’s iconic festival kicks off under the open skies of Australia’s Simpson Desert. Thousands of people from around Australia and the world head into the desert for what is still known as the most remote music festival on the planet. With three huge nights of music, dancing and all-around enjoyment, the Big Red Bash keeps getting bigger and better.

But as always, it’s the journey, not the destination that makes this worthwhile. As one of the major sponsors of the BRB, the team here at REDARC have learnt a thing or two about what it takes to ensure you have the best, most authentic Australian Outback adventure possible.

Overlooking the Big Red Bash


Keeping in mind it takes a few days to drive into Birdsville so planning a camp location ahead of time is always smart. WIKI CAMPS is a very reliable Australian camping app we’ve counted on for years, and recommend having it installed in the event you’re heading off grid. It can mean the difference between camping at a nice riverside reserve, or on the side of the road when there isn’t signal to Google a nearby campground.



The journey to and from Birdsville is all part of the Big Red Bash experience and adventure, so to assist people to work out itineraries and plan their travels, the festival has developed a range of Travel Guides based on capital city departure points. If you’ve got the time, we recommend soaking up all of what the Australian outback has to offer.

Travelling to the Big Red Bash


Make sure to have a a full tank before you depart and pack an extra jerry can or two for any emergencies because there is nothing worse than being left stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Travelling to Birdsville


The Bash is on the edge of the Simpson desert, but we’ll be there in winter so it might not be as hot as you think. You’ll still want a hat and light clothes for during the day, but it can get pretty chilly at night, so you might want to think about packing for cold conditions as well.

To assist with knowing how to pack, the Big Red Bash team have provided some great tips about what to expect from the elements throughout each day of the festival here.

With the forever changing weather conditions affecting the roads into Birdsville, we highly recommend checking in with local weather updates, and following accounts like the Birdsville Hotel on social media for regular updates on all things Big Red Bash.


Driving on Australia’s outback roads is an unforgettable experience and in driving to the Bash you’ll be part of the great nationwide journey to Birdsville. REDARC have played a role in driving safely on outback roads for over 40 years. Especially if you’re towing on these roads, dealing with incoming traffic is downright annoying and can be dangerous if you're unprepared.

We’ve got a few ideas that’ll make traversing corrugations (and other adverse road conditions) a little more bearable and safer.


Lowering tyre pressures will result in several advantages, including improved comfort by absorbing the impact from the corrugations whilst allowing the tyre to mould over errant rocks and improving traction in sandy terrain. Remember to regulate your speed as handling and braking can be compromised when driving over corrugations on lower pressures.


  • Be aware of what’s behind you, as well as in front.
  • If someone wants to overtake, move to the left and slow down gradually. Wave them past, so they know your intentions.
  • If you’re following a slower vehicle, stay back out of their dust.
  • If you have a UHF, use it to contact the vehicle behind you (or in front) when you’re looking to overtake.
  • Give way to larger oncoming vehicles. Pull off the road and stop if you need to.
  • Slow down when passing an on-coming vehicle.
  • Always stop to see if someone’s in trouble by the side of the road.
  • Slow down to walking pace in dusty campgrounds and rest areas. 

Learn more about dirt road driving here.

Driving on a dirt road


For many of us, the drive there is going to take over a day so it’s a no-brainer to stock up that portable esky, 12v freezer or fridge with lots of food and water for the journey ahead. The Big Red Bash will also have plenty of food and drink stalls on hand for cash purchases.

One tip is to make large batches of your favourite meals and freeze ahead of time. As this event takes place in July, in the middle of Winter, it’s the perfect time to prepare your favourite comfort foods. Check out our Three C’s of Travel blog for more tips to optimise your setup.



For technical product support after the long Birdsville journey to requiring some extra power to last out the trip, come and find the REDARC Ute inside the REDARC Plaza. We’ll be there every day stocking a limited amount of REDARC gear!

REDARC at the Big Red Bash

The team at REDARC wish you the safest of travels to Birdsville this July. We’re looking forward to yet another memorable year on the Big Red Dunes! Learn more about our Big Red Bash journey over the years here.
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