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Going away this Easter? Read this first

Going away this Easter? Read this first

Fancy going away this Easter? It’s probably one of the only times you’ll get away with the family and it’s a perfect time to visit your favourite camp destinations or be bold enough to explore a new one. With an Easter trip, you’re in that sweet spot between ideal weather conditions, you’re not boiling but you’re still getting sunny days (depending on where you go of course) before the cold hits. And unlike Christmas trip preparation, you’re not going all guns a blazin’ preparing for a long trip away either.


Yep, the sacred four-day weekend is a pretty good opportunity to go away in our books. We share some of the best tips as well as how to keep the Easter spirit alive on the road.


Be bold says Danny Bosch from Danny's 4WD Adventures.


Being a 4-day holiday, distances might be a bit further compared to your standard weekend trip. Therefore, it would be a good idea to check your batteries, oil, coolant and when the next service is due. 


On that note, if you haven't been away for quite a while it’s always a good idea to check over your gear. Whether it’s a tent or trailer or caravan to make sure everything is good to go adds Nathan. Check your lights, wheel bearings, gas, and for mould on your caravan or trailer if you haven't used it since winter.


This might also be a good opportunity to see if there are any places around you where you have not been yet. It might be tempting to book your usual spot but maybe it is a good idea to discover something new. Not to mention, you can expect for popular national parks and caravan parks to be expensive and absolutely packed – especially if you haven’t organised accommodation well ahead.


As Easter is a time for new beginnings, exploring new places gives you a good break from your yearly routine and gives you the opportunity to do something new.


Litchfield national park

Never hiked up a mountain before? Give it a go by staying at a national park or free campsite close to a mountain.


Never been kayaking? Maybe there is a place not far from you where you can have a try with the family. Some of the memories/stories are formed by doing something new.


After all how often do you start a story with "Did you remember that time we went to that place for the 4th time?". There are some great websites out there where you can get some ideas for new adventures close to you.


explore someplace new


Keeping Easter traditions alive is simple says Liam and Nikki from Summit 2 Sea Adventures.


“If you have children you can decorate the campsite. Remember to bring Easter eggs and conduct an Easter egg hunt around the campsite. To make it a bit more exciting you can get the other fellow campers to join in on the fun.”


If you’re keen on doing an Easter egg hunt, why not consider doing an Easter BILBY egg hunt instead, says Nathan Helms from The Great Escape - Australia?


“We recently went to Charleville Bilby Centre who are encouraging people to buy chocolate bilby’s instead of rabbits (as these are an introduced pest that are destroying bilby habitat). Pink Lady Chocolates are currently the only company who donates a percentage of sales directly to the Save The Bilby Fund. So maybe people could have a look out for these instead of rabbits and eggs.”



Whatever you choose to do, make the egg hunt first thing in the morning so wildlife doesn’t get to it and so it doesn’t melt overnight either! It’s always great if you can organise it with other families nearby too after all that’s what Easter is all about.


“Remember not to leave any food in your tent so the wildlife doesn't tear your tent to shreds. We have seen a wombat rip a hole in the side of a tent fly to get to a tub full of food!”, says Nathan.


Lots of towns have organised events so be sure to check out local tourist information for what’s on. 


 image source: Wildlife Sydney Zoo


Keep the Easter festivities going with these food and power saving tips.


  •  Precook your meals, then you just have to reheat them on the day. Saves rubbish too.


  • Cryo-vac food to save space. Your food lasts longer and will thaw quicker from frozen too. (you can re-heat food in the bags by just boiling it. No washing pots and saves water. Not to mention it will keep your fridge cooler as it thaws.’


  • Freeze solid blocks of water (in bottles or tubs) at least two days before (ice lasts longer than just the night before). Use these in both the fridge and esky. You can drink the cold water as it thaws. Again, less work for the fridge if the items are already cold.


  • Turn on camp fridges on 240v at home at least the night before to cool down. You can even have it packed so it’s at its best right before you leave.  

 food storage

  •  Use an esky for the drinks and the fridge for food so you’re not opening the fridge all the time just for a drink and making it work harder.


  • If you have a 240v charger with a float stage it is always better to leave your auxiliary battery plugged in than just sitting for extended periods if it’s possible. It might be a good idea to check your battery a week or two before you go so you’re not running around on the day you're leaving replacing an old battery.  


  • Who doesn’t love hot cross buns over Easter or really any time of the year? Follow these basic tips on how to make fresh bread on the road, plus the extra ingredients required to make your own. There’s plenty of recipes you can find online, so get that inner MasterChef out of you.
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