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Getting to Know Your Area Sales Managers: Steve Moore (SA/TAS)

Getting to Know Your Area Sales Managers: Steve Moore (SA/TAS)

In our third edition of the Getting to Know our Area Sales Manager series, we speak to hometown hero Steve Moore, Area Sales Manager of South Australia and Tasmania.

The ever-smiling Steve is a legend around the REDARC office and when he’s not on the road servicing our customers, you can find him in the office assisting our customer service team. Steve has an extensive knowledge of REDARC’s products and is often seen tinkering with his pride and joy, his REDARC Hilux.

We caught up with Steve recently to find out Moore about him.


What is your working background/what were you doing before you joined REDARC?

Well, you have to start somewhere so my first gig was at Hungry Jack’s, Edwardstown. Then washing dishes at Charlie’s Diner, Builders TA while finishing school then completed my Auto Electrical apprenticeship with Tim Byrne at Belair Road Auto Electrical. I spent 7 years prior to joining REDARC in the world of commercial 2-way radio communications.

I have been with REDARC for 4 years now first working on the technical support line moving to Sales Admin Coordinator and for the past two years Area Sales Manager of South Australia and Tasmania.

What is your favourite travel destination in Australia?

One of the best things about being a State Area Sales Manager is that I get to visit every nook and cranny in the state. By spending so much time on the road, you really get an appreciation for our State and how untouched some corners of it are. My favourite destination would have to be Coffin Bay, tucked away on the bottom of the Eyre Peninsula. It’s unspoilt coastal scenery, sprawling dunes and dazzling white beaches make it an excellent place to create your own adventure.


Coffin Bay is the destination of choice for Steve

What is the best thing about working at REDARC?

The people employed at REDARC are all fantastic, there is great culture and comradery amongst the staff. And being part of an Australian company that manufactures the highest quality electronic products on the market is something I am proud to be a part of.


What is your favourite REDARC product and why?

The BCDC1225D in-vehicle DC to DC charger. Suitable for one or more batteries, charging and maintaining batteries to 100% and being able to survive the harshest conditions make this product an absolute pearler. When a customer calls me saying their BCDC dual battery charger isn’t working, I can easily walk them through tests to find something external to the BCDC at fault. It’s all but bulletproof.

A close second would have to be the revolutionary Tow-Pro Elite electric brake controller, there is nothing like it on the market. The modern design of the product, the smooth braking feel on the highway and total control off-road makes the Tow-Pro Elite THE electric brake controller to own.

The BCDC1225D dual battery charger peeking out of the engine bay

 What is your dream rig? And what gadgets would you put in it?

The Harley Breakout is the dream rig at the moment. I have the REDARC Hilux with everything required for camping and off-road adventures so a Breakout with custom exhaust, LED light upgrade, custom air cleaner, footpeg extensions and a custom paintjob is the dream right now.

The most important gadget needed would have to be the Hummingbird GPS Speed Alert with track day mode so I can measure and compare my 0-100km/h and ¼ mile times on the track.


When you’re out meeting people on the road and they ask what REDARC product do I need, what do you tell them?

It depends on what they tell me, and what they are trying to achieve. Every customer’s requirements are different but REDARC can tailor something to suit all budgets, from very basic to the most extravagant system available, while ensuring the setup will suit the customer perfectly. 



Talk us through what an average day at REDARC consists of?

There is no average day at REDARC. From manning the technical support line, fielding a myriad of questions from distributors, auto electricians and end users through to sales calls, product demonstrations, presentations and training sessions. There’s never a dull moment here at REDARC.


Deals on Wheels: Steve's car is often set up at tradeshow, showcasing a suite of REDARC products

Tell us about your REDARC Hilux, what products do you have in it and why are they important?

Running a 2016 SR5 Hilux with:

  • BCDC1225D DC to DC charger taking care of the auxiliary battery under the bonnet which powers my GME UHF, Spotties and Lightbar.
  • SBI12 battery isolator switch for a jumpstart, only for emergencies but having the SBI lying dormant under the bonnet until I need it gives me peace of mind.
  • The Manager30 battery management system taking care of the Revolution Lithium battery behind the drawer system. The Manager 30 utilises power from the 150W fixed solar panel attached to a hydraulic tilt system which keeps my batteries at 100% allowing me to run my 60L ARB fridge round the clock without fear of having a beer ever go above -1C. The fridge sits on a MSA drop slide with a cage to allow me to fill the Accent canopy to the brim and still access the fridge with ease.
  • Tow-Pro Elite to give me the flexibility to have full control on or off-road while towing the Camper Trailer.
  • 2000W REDARC Pure Sine Wave Inverter for powering the vacuum after a day at the beach or running my 240V displays when at a trade show.
  • Hummingbird RF Battery Monitor – keeps an eye on all of the voltages of interest in my vehicle wirelessly. I am currently monitoring my Start battery, under bonnet Auxiliary battery, Lithium battery and solar panel voltage.
  • Drawer System stores all the REDARC product information, demo gear, marketing material products and recovery gear.
  • Old Man Emu BP51 suspension essential to make my city commuting feel like I’m riding on a cloud and allowing me to tackle tough off-road tracks.
  • Mickey Thompson tyres to compliment the suspension.
  • Smartbar, another Adelaide manufacturer from Lonsdale, who makes quality and award-winning products.
  • Maxtrax to assist getting me out of a bind.

 No excuses for flat batteries or speeding fines with Hummingbird's RF Battery Monitor and GPS Speed Alert


If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be and why?

  • James Hetfield, the frontman of Metallica. He's 53 and the man is still touring and laying down some of the greatest performances of his life. Having a chat with Het would be awesome.
  • Dimebag Darrell – Deceased guitarist from Pantera and Damageplan. I grew up on his music and videos, spending some time with him would have been amazing.
  • My Grandfather, we lost him 20+ years ago, it would be awesome to be able to sit with him as a man and have a stout or two.
  • My wife. Our 3 kids make dinner time quite an event, a quiet chat over a nice meal with her is always a pleasure.


Do you follow any sports? If so who is your favourite team

I love NFL, it is such an amazing game to watch and once you figure out the rules you’ll be hooked too. My team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. With the most Superbowl wins, The Steelers are one of the most successful franchises in NFL history. The Steelers are by far one of the most exciting teams to watch, the 3 B’s (Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell) make the Steelers offence one of the best in the league. Their defence is also nothing to be sneezed at.


Favourite music to listen to when on the road.

I like heavier tunes – Architects, Metallica, Pantera, Caliban, Remembering Never, 36 Crazyfists to name a few. Chuck in the entire Journey back catalogue and boom, ear to ear grin.


What would you sing at Karaoke night?

I’d lay down some Journey. Probably a little Don’t Stop Believing.


The Hilux in all its glory at the Robe jetty

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