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Getting to Know Ronny Dahl

Getting to Know Ronny Dahl

With his authentic 4WD content and true blue Australian attitude, Ronny Dahl has quickly made a name for himself as one of the experts in the 4x4 and off road industry. There's a reason for this, as he's explored more of Australia than many people and has even begun venturing overseas to see what the US has to offer. We had a chat to Ronny to get to know him and find out what makes him tick. 


How did 4Wheeling Australia start?


4Wheeling Australia was started from my frustration with the lack of information out there for the avid 4WDer. I would often see people not airing down their tyres, people travelling to places where they shouldn’t be (including myself), and just a general lack of knowledge in this space.

I started putting together articles for webpages and then progressed to making videos in 2012. The more videos I made, the more the audience wanted them. I soon focused my efforts solely on YouTube as I found people were more engaged with this platform. And now here we are!


Ronny Dahl


Your YouTube channel has seen major success not only here but all over the world, including the US, why do you think people love to tune in?


I like to think the reason why people tune in is because of my honest, unbiased opinions about products and vehicles. I really pride myself on being very authentic and genuine, there’s no acting. I work with a lot of brands, and I will always be honest about my reviews.

As the channel grows and the production becomes more professional, I am dedicated to keeping my integrity, credibility, and unbiased opinions. I put the gear through its paces for my viewers, so the content is always authentic. If I make the viewer feel part of the journey, they’re more likely to take something away with them and learn something.


What’s the best and hardest part of your job?


The best part of my job is being able to get outdoors and create content. I love that travelling and filming has become my job. After a long day of filming, my cameraman and I often sit around and review the shots and it’s so rewarding to just watch it all back.


Ronny Dahl offroad


The hardest part is being stuck in the office when I’m not on the road. When we’re not out filming, I can spend days on end in the office catching up on socials and completing content. I’ve been releasing at least one video a week for the last three years, and a lot of time and effort goes into keeping a consistent schedule.


 How does someone get into the off-road lifestyle? What’s your number one tip?


Use what you have. You don’t need to have a fully kitted out 79 series tourer like you see on YouTube or Instagram to get out and enjoy the outdoors. You can get away with a stock vehicle and upgrade it as you go. Currently we’re working on a stock Hilux and gradually improving it to show people what you can do with it with very few improvements. It’s all about getting you and kids or the family out there and enjoying the outdoors not about how flash your 4WD looks.


Ronny Dahl 4WDing


Having spent some time 4WDing in the United States, have you noticed a difference between there and in Australia?


It’s definitely more of a community in the US. In Australia having 4WDs is just something we do, for many people they need a 4WD to get to their favourite camping or fishing spot. Australian’s do it because of the landscape and the places we want to explore.

In the US if you’re 4WDing it's because you’ve made the choice to take it up as a hobby or a lifestyle rather than owning one for necessity. It’s much more of a community with lots of clubs and events. They also use a lot more gear in the US and kit their cars out much more than we do.


What would be your advice to someone who wants to start their own channel on 4WDriving?


Be different, do something different. Do something that nobody else is doing. Find a point of difference, not just in the vehicle make but how you produce content, develop and try and have a different take on things. For example, if you have something else you’re passionate about, like mountain biking or bird watching, add that into your off road content rather than just 4WD content.


Ronny Dahl


What are your top three tips when thinking about your vehicle’s electrics? 

  • If you’re working to a budget, keep it simple and safe. Include lots of fuses and fail safes and if you’re doing it yourself, get a qualified person to check it over.
  • Do your research. If you’re working to a budget, you want to make sure you’re spending your money on good quality products and something you actually need. It’s the electrics we’re talking about, so worst case scenario your vehicle burns down.
  • Future proof your electrics. If you’re running wires to the back of the vehicle and have future plans you may as well run some extra cables in case you need them in the future.


What is your favourite camp-cooked meal?


Pork roast. It’s simple to cook and it is popular at camp all year round.


Ronny Dahl and REDARC


What do you listen to on the drive to nowhere?


Usually not much. Driving is like meditation to me, it’s my way of chilling out and relaxing. It’s also when I like to think about ideas for the channel and future. If I do listen to music, it’s generally just whatever is on the radio.

To follow Ronny on his adventures and learn a bit more about him you can find him on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook or checkout the 4 Wheeling Australia website

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