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Getting to know Kahlan Cester

Getting to know Kahlan Cester

While you might know Kahlan from our Technical Support Team, he’s recently had a bit of a role change and has taken over from Cameron Bleakley as our Area Sales Manager for SA & NT. We had a chat to Kahlan to get to know a bit more about him and his new role.

Kahlan Cester

What were you doing before you joined REDARC?

Before working at REDARC I completed two trade qualifications, receiving Certificate III in both Automotive Electrical Technology and Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology. Upon completion I then took on the role as Workshop Manager for the Auto Electrical side of that business, as well as an apprentice. I have been working as part of the REDARC Technical Support Team for the last few years, helping customers on the phones.


What is the best thing about working at REDARC?

The best thing about working for REDARC is being part of an Australian company where individual growth is encouraged, even if it means losing a valuable member from your team to another part of the business.


What is your favourite REDARC product and why?

My favourite REDARC product is the Manager30 – an all-in-one charging and monitoring solution suited to just about any auxiliary system in a vehicle, canopy, camper, or caravan.

REDARC's powerful hilux tearing up the beach

What is your dream rig? And what gadgets would you put in it?

My dream rig is anything that can get me out adventuring and camping with family and friends – an abnormally large number of auxiliary lights and a fridge is a must though, as well as a system to keep them all running!


Tell us about your REDARC Hilux, what products do you have in it and why are they important?

My new 2021 Hilux has the full suite of REDARC products: The auxiliary battery under the bonnet is charged by the BCDC1225D, running a 350W pure sine wave inverter to charge my laptop on the road - and acts as a backup battery in case the starter battery was to go flat. The Tow-Pro Elite means no-fuss towing if I want to get away with more luxury than just a swag. The RedVision/Manager30 kit in the rear is paired with 2 x 60Ah Lithium batteries, a 200W Solar panel, and a 1000W pure sine wave inverter. This system keeps the fridge running endlessly, and allows me to charge my cordless tools, camera, and drone on the go.

The ultimate off-grid power system in our REDARC Hilux

When you’re out meeting people on the road and they ask what REDARC product they need, what do you tell them?

When I’m out and about, everyone’s needs vary significantly. Running through a person’s requirements and what they expect to get out of their setup is important, because then I can provide the best-suited solution for their application. We have solutions at all different levels, from basic to advanced depending on your needs, so I like to make sure I know exactly what people want. If you’re only looking to make sure your start battery doesn’t go flat and keep a fridge running on the weekend often an SBI or BCDC will do, but if you’re planning to head off-grid for months at a time, you’ll need something more advanced.


What is your favourite travel destination?

My favourite travel destination to date has been the Flinders Ranges, the entire region is incredibly beautiful. In the future I’m looking forward to Victorian high country camping and east coast 4WDing.

REDARC's 2020 Hilux build is just as capable off-road as on.

Do you follow any sports, if so what is your favourite team?

I’m a big AFL fan, and I support the Adelaide Crows.


Favourite music to listen to when on the road?

It has to be metal, metalcore and rock.

To learn a little more about the rest of our Area Sales Managers in Australia and the US check out our other getting to know blogs. Don’t hesitate to contact Kahlan to organise a meeting or for any trade needs.

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