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Getting to know Bri Voto

Making tracks in the 4WD scene, Bri Voto is empowering women across the country to get out and stuck into some tough tracks. We had a chat to her about what keeps her going and some of her must haves while exploring off grid.


How did Brunette Driven start?


I brought my Patrol back in early 2018 and every weekend for the first year I had the Patrol I spent camping. I’d pack up Friday arvo, came home late Sunday and I just used to share all the adventures on my Instagram. I guess people just loved seeing the locations and a chick getting out there and having a go. It’s crazy for me to look back on it all, I had nothing, the most basic set up but I just loved getting out and exploring. I never expected any of this, I just posted what I got up to and it went from there.


Bri Voto rig


Why do you think people love your Instagram account?


I’m sure the answer is different for everyone, and my page has changed throughout the last few years, but one thing has stayed the same and that’s just me getting out there and all the travelling I do. I think as the build started to grow it attracted more people and as that happened, I started to travel further and further. I guess people just enjoy seeing the tracks and camp spots and someone getting out there and having a go.


What is the hardest part of the job?


Travelling and filming is amazing. It feels ungrateful to complain but at the end of the day sometimes it is work and not everything is as glamorous as it seems. There are extremely long days. Hours spent getting a single shot and consecutive days like this are mentally and physically tolling but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Getting to know bri voto


What is the best part of the job?


It’s an opportunity like no other, I get to do what I love, travel to some spectacular places, and meet amazing people along the way. It’s the life experiences and memories that are irreplaceable and I don’t think anything could beat it. Every part is amazing, but I think the best part is something I often overlook. Remembering being a young, shy 17-year-old girl with a dream to own her own 4wd one day, the best part is reflecting on where I was and where I am today. Living my dream, just being able to get out in my 4wd and do what I love is something you just can't beat.


How does someone get into the full-time travelling lifestyle? What is your number one tip?


If you have a 4x4 and the passion, then the world is your oyster. You don’t need the best of the best, the most basic setup can take you anywhere if you have the passion and drive behind you then you can accomplish anything. If you told me three years ago that I would be able to make a living doing what I love behind the wheel, I wouldn’t have believed you. I used to drag my double mattress off my own bed and throw it in the back of my canopy, it wasn’t fitted out, it was just a shell and I’d chuck in my esky and off I went. I just loved sharing my adventures and it all evolved from there.

My one tip would be – be yourself, live within your means and do what you love. You can’t beat authenticity. People love that and if you ever want to make anything out of it you need to bring people in for who you are.


Bri Voto exploring


What do you listen to on the drive?


My playlist is versatile, but I can’t go past some good old country. A little Morgan Wallen sets the mood when I’m on the road.

What REDARC products do you have on-board and why did you choose them?

In the new canopy I fitted it out entirely with everything REDARC! 
I've installed; 

To be able to truly go off-grid, I need a system that I can trust and depend on. REDARC provides everything I need and more! Never before have I had to truly rely on my gear like I do now, constantly travelling every week, whether that be a weekend away or travelling 1000kms from home. 

This is my job and not only can my car become my home for weeks on end, it's also my office. It charges all the camera gear, laptops, and any accessories. One of the massive things I made sure to incorporate in the build was the Redvison Display Screen & Vehicle Management System. These go hand in hand with each other. Installing the Red Vision Display Screen was a no brainer, to have the control to see how everything is running and keep on track of my power usage is a huge advantage to have when off-grid. It lets me know if my power supply is low before it gets critical and helps me avoid any sticky situations I may get in. Not to mention the style of this product. There is no need for extra switches as everything is controlled in the unit itself, from my fridge, camping lights, speakers and all accessories. Also, the smart device has Bluetooth which will connect directly to my phone, so I don't even have to pull over to check. Just open the app on my phone and I can check how everything is while I’m on the go.

I can go on and on about everything I love about these products but what I love most is how independent this whole setup makes me. Being a young, 23 year old woman who travels alone a lot there is no safer feeling than having a setup that I can trust!

Bri Voto's off-grid setup

How is the system working for your travels?


Amazing. I honestly can't find a single fault in the system. It has gone above and beyond and blew every expectation I had out of the water. It's hard to put into words how much this setup has changed everything I do with my vehicle.

The simplicity of everything makes it really easy to use and allows me to spend more time doing things I love, rather than worrying about how much power I have, If it will run out or if something isn't right.

REDARC have really nailed this. I couldn't recommend the gear enough, it does everything it needs to do and more.

What are your top three tips when thinking about your vehicle’s electrics?


I want something that’s going to suit my needs, I want it to be reliable and most importantly SAFE!

Firstly, figure out what you need. The team at REDARC have been tremendously helpful in providing me with knowledge on all the possible setups and helping me decide on what works best for me.

Secondly, an important thing for me was monitoring all the levels, hence why I went with the Manager30 system and the display screen. With this I can manage my output and input and pre-diagnose any issues or prevent any overuse. 

Lastly, When it comes to electrics you want quality. A poor man pays twice or in the case of electrics your car catches on fire and you lose it all. This is one of the most important things you can do to your car. It will change the way you travel, so you want it to work and you want it to be safe. 

I always seek professional help when it comes to buying and installing electrics, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Like I have said before you don’t need the best of the best, but you don’t want to be taking shortcuts here, it could cost you your vehicle. Do your research and invest in products that will help fulfill your needs and keep you and the family safe on your travels.


REDARC products allow Bri to live and work off-grid


What’s your favourite camp cooked meal?


Oh, I do love anything cooked in the camp oven. But lately I have been making a super simple and delicious fettuccine pesto pasta. You only need one pan and the whole family will love it. I’ll leave the recipe here for you, try it and let me know what you think.


Why do you feel makes the REDARC/Brunette Driven partnership so successful?


I’m out most weekends and travelling for days, even weeks at a time. REDARC has taken my touring setup to the next level. I beat up my car and it definitely has hard days, so I think REDARC has the perfect products that can handle all the extreme use. REDARC is an Australian company and has been amazing to deal with. The passion behind the company shows and I really appreciate the opportunity given and the trust they have in me, I don’t think my setup would be what it is without the help they have given along the way.

To follow Bri on her adventures check out her Instagram. If you're ready to take on your own off-grid build, take a look behind our latest project, turning a stock Toyota Hilux into a touring powerhouse. 


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