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How to deal with windy conditions at camp

We all dream of those warm sunny days when we go camping, however in reality it’s quite often not the case. Different weather conditions present different challenges, and if you’re caught in a sudden windstorm you’ll want to be prepared.

As weather can be uncontrollable, and often unpredictable, REDARC are here to help with a few tips and tricks that may help minimise the impact of windy conditions on your next camp setup.


Keeping your awnings intact  


It’s no surprise that the most common thing that gets destroyed by wind are your awnings. It is important that when you set up, you securely peg them out every single time. This means the structure should be solid and not temporary.


arb redarc campsite

Something to consider is to use de-flappers and spreader bars, these will assist in minimising the risk. You can also achieve a wind block by using your vehicle in the direction of the wind. This may not fully block out the wind, however it certainly will reduce it.


Keep your hatches and windows closed


Depending on the terrain of the location you have decided to set up, this can determine the amount of debris and dust the wind that can get into your vehicle or camp.

Gear such as an RV’s hatches, windows and TV aerials are typically light in weight, meaning strong winds can damage these vital parts of your RV.

Getting into a vigilant habit of shutting windows and hatches in the direction of wind can help ensure dust does not enter your vehicle or damage any gear. It is also important to remember to wind down your TV antenna after they are used to reduce the risk of them breaking.


Avoid camping under trees


As cooling as the shade is on a hot sunny day, camping underneath trees is never a smart idea. Especially trees with large overhanging branches or even worse dead branches. These branches hold a bigger threat to your safety than perhaps being slightly cooler.


blonde nomads camp setup

When arriving at your destination, it is important to thoroughly assess your surroundings. Make sure you have selected the safest area to set up. The risk of branches dropping from trees increases greatly in strong winds, so ensure you are safe in all unexpected weather types.


Keeping warm safely with a campfire


Having a small campfire handy can be fantastic any time of year. However, they can be a potential threat if loosely contained during windy conditions.


Fire Pit Camping REDARC

A fire pit is strongly recommended as this will allow your fire to be better contained no matter the strength of the wind.


Putting things away


The saying “A place for everything, and everything in its place”, is important to keep in mind when out on your adventures. Not only do leaving things out hold threats for native animals but it also could be an issue with thieves.

It also means items left out can create an issue if the wind were to pick up, these could become potential missiles for yourself or fellow camping neighbours.


camping redarc fire to fork

If this means taking a little longer to set things up and peg or tie down, it could create a much better scenario in the long run. Running after gear picked up by the wind or worrying about flyaway gear in the event the wind picks up, and you are out exploring away from your site.

These might seem like very simple basics of camp setup, but they can be the difference between you and your family enjoying your camping adventures without the stress of your camp potentially blowing away during the night.

If you're new to the camping lifestyle and want to make sure you've packed some essentials you might not have previously thought about, keen to keep your vehicle's weight down, or wanting to extend your free camping with the right solar setup, REDARC are here to help.

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