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Creation of our solar image

Creation of our solar image

Our Solar ad image for our new range of solar blankets has certainly created a lot of buzz. Here we take you through a behind-the-scenes look of how we took the intial concept and turned it into a reality - the result may just surprise you. 


For this launch we really wanted to build widespread awareness of our new and improved solar blanket range and let everyone know we have raised the benchmark in using SunPower cell technology whilst reinforcing the superior flexibility of the Amorphous blankets. It was a simple concept that kept the agency up all night.


But then they had that 'aha' moment, and thus the tagline and intial concept was formed:


REDARC Solar Dawn of a new era concept

It's not uncommon these days especially in marketing and advertising for images to be digitally created in some way. 


It all sounded simple enough, shoot a few blankets put ’em through Photoshop…job done!




The computer-generated image looked fake and ‘amateurish’.


Dawn of a new era photoshop test1

Dawn of the new era photoshop test 2

Our ad agency had a brainstorming session with Steve McCawley from SlingShot Studios. This led them to the idea to photograph the blankets and have them printed on a flexible vinyl.


Paper models were made to work out the scale and perspective, the vinyls were ordered, printed and the mountain range was built at SlingShot Studios.


Paper models dawn of a new era


Paper models dawn of a new era 1


The set was massive, around 6 metres x 2.5 metres. The mountain range was carefully lit to match the sunset we were using in the background. There was lots of fun with dry ice to give the early morning mist feel, albeit very hard to control!


Creating the redarc solar image

creating the solar image-1


"It was such a satisfying result to produce a powerful image for REDARC that looked great on screen as we were shooting", Steve said. 


And the end result? Simply amazing! 


Many thanks to Steve from SlingShot Stuidos and MM Advertising for putting in the hard work to make this happen. 



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