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Chasing the sun with a slide on campervan

Chasing the sun with a slide on campervan

Trent and Kara are both nature lovers who live a life of spontaneity and adventure. Having the dream to live life on the road and explore this great southern land, they decided to escape the rat race, leave Sydney behind, hop into their vintage 1988 Winnebago Slide-On Campervan and hit the road indefinitely. 

Here is the tale of their journey so far.


Kara and Trent from TrekazdoAustralia
Trent and Kara love to explore on both four wheels and two feet


We have been on the road for 7 1/2 months already, exploring every nook and cranny of New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory, and have just crossed the border into West Australia. 


The home away from home


Our 2010 Toyota Landcruiser Ute Has been a trusty vehicle for us and for what we aim to do. As our Winnebago Slide-On Camper sits on the tray, we have the flexibility to jack the camper on and off depending on where we want to go. Sometimes it's easier to leave the camper back at the campsite and really go explore those rougher tracks. But having a 4x4 was a must for us, and I love that we aren't towing anything. That means we can fit in one car spot! It does mean we need to watch out for those low overhead bridges though, as we are measuring in at 3.1m high.

Our Van has everything we need. An upright Engel fridge, sink, oven, grill, double bed, wardrobe, L-shaped dining area, porta potty, outdoor Joolca instant hot shower... The list goes on and it's all within an arms reach :)


Solar generated power


We opted for solar to help generate power for our Camper. Being rookies to the infamous #vanlife, we weren't really sure how much we needed. So we started out with one (120w) Portable Solar Panel and soon realised that it wasn't quite enough because we were only just getting by. 

REDARC being the reputable company it is, was an obvious choice for us. We needed something reliable, something durable and something we knew could perform no matter where we were in this country. Our decision came down to REDARC's slimline 150w Solar Panel

We also chose a REDARC Solar Regulator (SRPO240 20amp) which helps protect our battery from overcharging. Its a safe option for both single or dual batteries and was compatible with our particular panel. 


getting read for the install
Some of REDARC's solar goodies


And as every rig is different, we had to work out the best solution for our Van which was to permanently fix our panel onto our roof with plastic mounts.

 *TIP for those who have camper trailers or Ute Canopy's where you have easy access to your roof, the aluminium angled mounting kits would work best for that style set up. 

We installed our new Solar Panel in Darwin when it was a scorching 39°C outside, we knew it was going to be tough! To be honest, we did procrastinate under the shady trees for a good hour before getting started. That heat was a killer and very demotivating! Luckily for us, the installation ran smoothly. REDARC had all the info necessary for the installation and points to consider to ensure efficient usage.


When the hardest part of the install is finding a ladder

Thanks to the easy to read and well-detailed instructions, our only real issue was trying to find 2 ladders for the both of us to use. Being in a quiet campsite, our options were limited. After scouring the property it came down to, one ladder and one abandoned fridge (Trent's Ladder) Don't be fooled, it worked a treat! 


All setup and ready for solar 


Utilising the combination of both roof and portable panels work perfectly for us! Having that rooftop panel allows us the freedom of being able to go out for an all-day hike, long surf or a boat trip and not worry if our battery is getting enough charge. We do use our portable panels quite often though, as they are great for getting maximum sun exposure. 

It feels good to be all set up and ready for any adventure that may come our way! 

You can follow our Endless Summer by the hashtag #trekazdoaustralia or keep up with us on Instagram.

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