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How to calculate which size solar blanket you need

How to calculate which size solar blanket you need

We have uncovered some things you may not have known about solarthe '4C's of solar', and the benefits of choosing solar over a generatorSo now you have all that knowlegde in your arsenal, you're probably thinking 'this is all very well and good, but what solar blanket do I need?'. 


In order to answer this, we need to take a step back and I mean go way back - back to when you decided 'yes I'd love to go on a camping travel adventure and take all the home comforts as well'. 


Numero uno: Decide which electronic items you are going to take with you. If you're all about the simple life, this could be a 12v portable fridge and maybe an LED light. Record how many amps each of these appliances/gadgets draws over a 24 hours period. Tally them all and presto, you have the total amp hours you will likely use over any given day. 


Numero dos: Determine the battery size bank you will take with you. This is determined by the appliances/gadgets you will take with you. A fridge and LED light for example, may only require a 120Ah deep cycle battery - but your mileage may vary. Go speak to a battery specialist to see what's best for you.


And here's a quick tip: We don't recommend to discharge your battery anymore than 50% a day. This ensures best battery life. So that 120Ah battery you have, esentially cut the useable amount by half.


From here there is a bit of mathematical mumbo jumbo in selecting the correct blanket size based on the loads you're taking and the battery bank size. If you really want to know more click here


But seriously who has time for that? 


We laid it all out for you in this video, so you dont have to. 



So the above video shows you how much off-grid camping you can potentially get with just a fridge and an LED light. Of course this may be different depending on what you take and the battery bank size. However, the biggest influencer in all of this is the weather. Factors such as useable sunlight hours, weather conditions, shading and a number of other factors will affect solar panel output.


Portable solar is a great way to add to your camping set-up and get charge into your batteries, but it's always important to get the right information  for your needs. Use our solar panel calculator as a guide, speak to an approved solar installer and go from there. 

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