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Battery maintenance and storage made easy

Just like most offroad tourers and weekend warriors, maintaining battery charge on the road is easy. But it's the times when you're at home with your 4x4 tucked away for weeks or even months without a proper hit out that can really effect your vehicle's batteries.

Camper Australis recently purchased a 10amp portable battery charger from REDARC as a way to cheaply and easily look after the investment they've made in their dual battery setup while their Nissan Patrol is out of action.


Battery lifetime maintenance with REDARC


Unfortunately for us, we were not lucky enough to win the lotto, so we had to make the choice to pull up in Perth for a while and save some money to keep exploring this beautiful country of ours.


Camper Australis REDARC 

Knowing we wouldn’t be driving the Patrol much during this period, and having recently spent a small fortune on batteries, we wanted to make sure our 12v system was kept in tip-top shape while we slaved away for a few months. The decision was easy; we chose to go with the REDARC 10A AC-DC SmartCharge.


Compact, versatile and powerful


This device is a great compact charger which has 8 charging stages and is perfect for leaving connected to your batteries for long periods of time, whilst also being powerful enough to top up your batteries overnight.


ac battery charger redarc


If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in 12v electronics, and you probably also know that although lithium batteries have many great features, they're also quite expensive.


The cheapest insurance policy for our batteries


For us, the REDARC 10A smart charger was cheap insurance, ensuring that our batteries will still be perfect when we leave again.


lithium battery charger


The charger is very easy to use, the cables wrap around and clip into the unit, keeping them stored and free from knots. These portable chargers come in 4,6,8 and 10-amp versions and are IP65 rated. The charger is capable of charging all common battery types including LiFePO4. Another awesome feature is that the SmartCharge performs a battery check both before and after charging and can detect if there is an issue with your battery. 

Once again, we can put our faith in REDARC gear to keep our car/home charged up and ready to go at all times.  

These chargers are not only perfect for 4x4's and offroad travel, but also for the fun stuff that occupies many peoples sheds like motorbikes, boats and even jetski's.



Take it from us, the time you spend at home working to afford your dream vehicle and dream adventure is a tough slog. So why not make sure that your vehicle and accessories are well looked after so when you do finally get to hit the road you spend a little less time sweating the small stuff and a lot more time free to relax and enjoy the ride.


If you'e wanting to start building your perfect offroad or weekend tourer, take the REDARC virtual product tour to find out how we can help power your next adventure.


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