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Adventure Curated Review the BCDC1225

Adventure Curated Review the BCDC1225

When travelling in remote Australia the importance of having a dual battery system to power your necessities such as your fridge is vital, and for the Adventure Curated team, the preferred option for dc to dc battery chargers is our BCDC1225 which has been a mainstay in their Prado for the past couple of years. Recently they reviewed it and here’s what they had to say.



As self-described digital nomads Adventure Curated depend on their electronics to work whenever and wherever they are no matter how remote their destination may be, they can rely on the BCDC1225 to do that, Mike Collister says “Running a media business and spending extended time in remote places we need things to work and the BCDC1225 continues to do just that.”  



The inbuilt solar regulator is perfect for those with portable solar panels notes Mike who admired the simplicity of the unit “We've wired up an Anderson plug that's easily accessible when the bonnet is up, so it's really easy to plug in our solar blanket at every opportunity and keep things topped up.”



The team from Adventure Curated are advocates for environmentally conscious adventure; their ventures take place not only around Australia but also remote and exotic locations such as Mongolia to Nepal so it is fair to say that they know the importance of having the right equipment and gear to ensure these intrepid escapes run as smoothly as possible. 


To read up on these adventures and more visit their website


To see the review in full click here!


This has been republished with permission from Mike Collister.

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