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Taking a look inside REDARC

Taking a look inside REDARC

Coming off our recent partnership with Australian Made we thought we’d give you a little tour of some of the departments within REDARC. All of these departments, and many others, contribute to the design, manufacture and distribution of our products and make REDARC the company it is today.

Created and tested for the harsh Australian conditions, we pride ourselves on being Australian owned and made.


Production & Surface Mount Technology


At the beating heart of REDARC is the Production Department. Responsible for day to day assembly, testing and packaging of our products they’re the largest department in the business. Having been around since the beginning of REDARC, it has grown over time and plays a critical role in the operation of the business, for without production there would be no REDARC.

Within Production lives our Surface Mount Technology line (SMT). Introduced in 2007, SMT is responsible for producing the circuit boards for all REDARC products. This is the first stage of the manufacture process, SMT manufacture bare printed circuit boards and load surface mount and through-hole components; including large transformers, capacitors and connectors.


 REDARC Production


Testing and validation


In 2018, REDARC built a new Electromagnetic Compatibility Chamber to ensure all of our products are tested to international standards. This room blocks both incoming and outgoing signals and allows us to test our products to international defense industry standards.

REDARC’s knowledge of Australian conditions is engineered into every unit we produce. So much so we also conduct accelerated lifetime and environment testing. Our lab accelerates 10 years of product life over just 2 days, cooling products down to minus 100 and heating them to 200 degrees Celsius. While doing so we also place them in our 'Shake and Bake’ machine which simulates driving conditions and temperature and humidity extremes that products can be subjected to out on the road to ensure they not only survive but thrive long after they leave our facility. 


REDARC PCB inspection




A team of skilled engineers and technicians, the range of products that REDARC has today wouldn’t be possible without the Engineering department. Created to develop new products for the business there is rarely a dull moment with constant challenges arising in the form of design conflicts, demanding delivery goals and juggling multiple projects.

The department is split into three design domains including Electronics Design, Mechanical Design and Firmware Design. These three sections work together and with other departments in the business to ensure that the products coming out of REDARC are the best they can be.



New Product Development


One of the newest departments, New Product Development, was created in its current form in January 2018 to do exactly as the name suggests and develop new products. Born out of a need to centralise project management, REDARC decided to create a specific New Product team. Now New Product Development work with departments across the whole of the business to create and design innovative new products with features and product benefits specific to our customers needs.


RedVision display screen


Global Supply Chain


Only having been around in its current form since 2019, Supply Chain consists of buying in and sourcing parts from suppliers, receiving the parts and dispatching them at REDARC and dispatching our products to customers. Supply Chain also monitors quality, ensuring that customers are receiving the highest quality products as fast as possible.


Sales & Marketing


Since REDARC started selling its products back in the ‘80s, sales have been a critical part of the business. The department has grown exponentially since then and now consists of a dedicated tech support team, sales administration staff, a warranty officer, State and Territory sales managers, an export team, and a Defence team.

As a department they’re responsible for liaising with customers, filling demand and maintaining strong customer relationships. Next time you give REDARC a call you’ll likely be speaking to one of our knowledgeable tech gurus.


REDARC Tech Support


The Marketing team work closely with the Sales department to ensure that REDARC is always creating fresh content and keeping all our social and website channels up to date. With 4 websites and a handful of social media channels, they’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to connect with customers. They also work with brand ambassadors and sponsors to spread the good word about REDARC and our products, helping people #getREDARCready.


Export & Defence


With REDARC staffing taking over 220 flights in 2019 alone, we’re working hard to cement REDARC as a worldwide brand and share our Australian Made products with the world. Thanks to the efforts of our Export team REDARC have been to almost all corners of the world including Europe, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the UAE, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. REDARC has attended trade shows, visited customers and is now sold across the world.

Establishing REDARC Defence Systems has been an exciting project for our defence team in recent months. Since first exploring the defence market in 2015 we have been establishing a list of defence relationships and partnerships and it was time to establish our new defence company. REDARC Defence Systems aims to meet the needs of the defence market with Australian Made products.


Why choose REDARC?


At REDARC we know that within everyone there is an explorer seeking inspiration for the next adventure, with a REDARC product, you can be assured you’ll be able to go the distance.

Our rigorous testing and quality standards keep people in control so they can confidently create the rich experiences they desire.

REDARC does more than just Brake Controllers and Battery charging products, our products can be found on most trucks driving around Australia as we build things tough. REDARC gives these companies peace of mind that their equipment won’t let them down.

REDARC also work with key original equipment manufacturers, and our products are used by large companies that require a high standard of engineering excellence. We offer business solutions to solve problems a business may have and our engineers are available to provide full design and prototyping capability.


For the adventurous spirits


The adventurous spirit isn’t just in our products, it’s in our DNA. It pushes us to do things better and it empowers our customers to have the confidence in our products that they will do what we promise.

Despite the decline in manufacturing in Australia REDARC have continued to grow, competing on value by creating new products, consistently reinvesting in innovation, R&D, staff training and capital investment and market leading technology. 

You can find out more about our story here, or follow Pat Callinan on a behind the scenes tour of our facility below.


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