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5 Handy Items To Pack On Your Next Camping Adventure

5 Handy Items To Pack On Your Next Camping Adventure

Liam and Nikki are the team behind Summit2Sea Adventure, a young couple who have a passion for fishing, 4wding, snowboarding, hiking, camping and just about anything else involving the outdoors. We recently caught up with them to pick their brains about some of their trusty packing tips...

Here are 5 main items we love to use when travelling around, be it interstate or overseas. We feel that with these essential items our travels have become a lot more comfortable and easy.


Packing cubes


Whether we are packing for a couple of nights or 3 months, packing cubes are easily our favourite handy item to have amongst our gear because they allow you to store clothing in separate compartments in your bag. For example, you can fill one with shorts, one with t-shirts and one with socks and underwear.

They are available in many different sizes to suit different needs and believe me, they are definitely an investment well worth making.

So when you're looking for that one special pair of socks that match your pink flamingo shorts, all you need to do is grab the packing cube that your trusted socks are in and you're away. Pretty simple, right? It certainly saves you digging through your nicely folded clothes, turning your bag inside and out only to find them lost in a pocket of some shorts twenty minutes later and leaving your bag looking worse than your dirty laundry basket.


All round waterproof jacket


When it comes to travelling there is one thing you can never be certain of and that's the weather! No matter what Mr Google tells you or the old man at the tackle shop; mother nature has a powerful mind of her own. So you should always pack something for the cold, wind and rain.

Instead of packing your hand knitted cashmere turtle-neck sweater, your 20,000mm heavy duty rain jacket and your trusty old windbreaker, look for a jacket that can cover all 3 bases; wind, cold & rain.

There are so many types of jackets that do cover all of these things, and for the style conscious ones, they even have plenty of jackets out there that you can wear out to dinner without looking like a dag. So do yourself a favour and buy the one jacket that covers all of the above and saves room for packing!


Scarf – for coverage and warmth


The simple scarf is a great inclusion into your packing list. Not only is it light and in some cases fashionable, it is also very handy at adding some extra warmth on those cold days. And take it from me, during a sandstorm you will be glad you packed your faithful scarf.

This is not the only bonus of packing a scarf, during your travels throughout many countries you're going to encounter many different cultures; some of which do not allow certain parts of your body to be exposed, especially if you are visiting any religious sites.

The trusty scarf can also double as a pillow when travelling around, whether you are on a plane, train or in the car for the road trip, just roll your scarf up and pop it against the window.


Fitness bands



For those who don't want to let their 'summer bod' which you have been working on tirelessly to maintain turn into jelly, there is a simple and cheap way to solve this problem. Elastic fitness bands! These are amazing and can really give you a great quick workout while travelling around or just on your campsite.

It also means you won't need to carry your much-loved kettlebells around with you for a workout.  Packing some elastic resistance bands is an amazing lightweight solution. They take up next to no room and when used correctly or as directed by your Youtube instructor you can really get a whole body workout.





You can't go passed retractable cable locks! While travelling, chances are you are going to encounter the not so moral citizens that believe they have the right to your property without consent. Or they see your brand new 'high top Timberlands' thinking they will look much better on them.  The best time for them to strike is when your belongings are left alone in your room/campsite and you're off exploring, completely none the wiser.

This is where the cable locks come into play. These nifty little locks are an essential addition to your standard padlock when travelling around. The versatility of the cable locks is endless. For example, whilst we headed to a very busy waterfall for a swim we did not want to leave our backpacks all alone with the crowds. We tossed up whether or not we would swim separately so that one person could stay with the bag. This is when the retractable cable lock came to the rescue. Using our standard locks we stowed our gear into our backpack and locked the zips together, then using the cable lock we were able to lock our bag to a tree trunk near the water. Allowing us to then feel very safe and comfortable that when we returned from our swim our belongings would still be waiting for us.  



We really hope that these simple items will help you out in one way or another!

For any more info on the brands of these items we use feel free to get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or visit our websiteFacebook or Instagram accounts to stay up to date with our travels.


Liam & Nikki

Summit 2 Sea Adventures


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