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The best 12V setup for a Troopy

The best 12V setup for a Troopy

Tim and Jes AKA Waysidewanders have several REDARC products in their Toyota Troopcarrier, they talk us through the build and explain how their robust 12V system allows them to stay off the grid and keep their gadgets charged.


Built tough to travel tough


My partner Jes and I have been lucky enough to travel around this beautiful country we call home. 

The goal was to set out and see the best that Australia has to offer. We were able to do just that with our trusty Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier named ‘Super Puss’.

Our trip is documented through photos that we have taken along the way using all sorts of equipment. A DSLR camera, a drone, GoPro camera and our phones were all used to capture the moments that we hold close to our hearts now. We, under no circumstances, wanted to miss any of these once in a lifetime experiences.



We left for our travels with a great 12v setup in the car which would keep all our equipment charged. A BCDC DC-DC in-vehicle dual battery charger with a REDARC SBI Smart Battery Isolator kept our auxiliary battery topped off each time we moved from place to place. This made charging easy whilst we were moving, but when we pulled up for a few days at a time we needed the sun to take over for us.

Early in our trip, we used a 120-watt portable solar panel to try and keep up with our fridge and charging our devices. After having to turn the car on each evening just to top the battery off, it quickly became evident to us that this make and size of solar panel just couldn’t keep up with our demands. It was time for a serious upgrade.



We needed a product that delivered a lot more punch to keep the fridge cool and our devices topped up on those hot WA days. We spent some time doing research and it was clear that REDARC offered exactly what we needed to help us enjoy every day on the road. After using a lot of REDARC charging products in the past, there was no doubt in our minds that they would cater to our needs and more.


Upgrading our setup


REDARC came to our rescue with their 190-watt solar blanket and regulator pack to match and what a difference this made to our day to day life. We are now able to charge all our devices at once through our 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter even while the fridge is on. Not only did this mean we could capture every single moment we wanted to without the worry of ever having flat batteries, but we never had to worry about our fridge shutting off in the middle of the night due to too low voltage. It's because of this we were able to spend our days more focused on what really mattered, not worrying about where we needed to be or if we would run into any troubles with our battery and importantly now have thousands of great photos and videos to share with our loved ones for the rest of our lives.



Our batteries are always in top health because of the 14.5volts of charge they receive even on a cloudy or overcast day. A huge difference to the 13.4volts that our previous panel delivered.


Versatile and easy to tuck away


Its sleek design meant we could tuck it behind the passenger seat and pull it straight out once we arrived at camp. We hard wired the regulator cable to the battery and mounted the regulator in the passenger footwell. This, combined with the easy to use Anderson plug connections, made our setup/pack up time less than 30 seconds each way.

All in all, the addition of this solar blanket to our equipment made our life on the road significantly better, and we couldn’t imagine doing another trip without it.

To work out your ultimate dual battery setup we recommend using REDARC's Dual Battery Selector.


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