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A 12-month review on RedVision

A 12-month review on RedVision

The duo from My Aussie Travel Guide have for the last 12-months put the RedVision Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) through its paces, read their review and thoughts on this all-in-one-system.


When having the RedVision TVMS retro-fitted to our camper over a year ago, we were more than keen to give it a real good workout while doing what we love best and travelling off road. The first thing we noticed when collecting the camper after being fitted was the amount of redundant wiring, switches, gauges and displays, fuse boxes and other bits and pieces that were given back to us in a box.

All this has now been replaced by the RedVision distribution board and a single display panel screen. And let’s not forget the new addition of an app for our smartphones.


Easy access


The distribution board can be mounted anywhere out of sight, although you need to be able to get access to it if you happen to blow a fuse. Other than that, there’s no need to access it at all. The board comes with ample circuits and uses good quality wiring connectors, making it a plug-in style installation which would be something all RV manufacturers would be thrilled about.

The unit also comes with a range of stickers to assist in customising and labelling to suit your needs. The fuse board shows when you’ve blown a fuse via small LED lights that illuminate. We found this a handy feature when on one occasion we blew a fuse after a mate’s LED camp light wiring shorted out.

As a failsafe measure and so you’re not left stranded, there are small din switches that allow you to bypass the electronics. These simply work like a manual override - not that we had any need to use them other than to test that it worked.





The screen control unit could be mounted anywhere we felt practical and would suit our needs. We chose to mount ours by our camper’s door entry, as it provided us with simple switching for all our lighting circuits and 12v accessories like the 240v inverter, gas, battery mangement system, heater, cooling fans, and stereo, etc.

We also found the unit easy to navigate and we like being able to set and customise how we prefer things to appear and which screen they appear on. Being able to check all our camper’s vitals and have control of all our 12v needs is now easily available.



Taking it to another level


The app feature has also taken this control to another level. We find it’s like having a remote-control fob for our camper. Accessories such as external lighting can simply be turned on and off when we’re away from the camper using a button on our app. The app also displays SOC of the camper batteries, so we can check our solar is working at any time, even when the camper is closed and we’re sitting inside our vehicle. A clever feature is having the ability to program the unit so all 12v circuits are disconnected other than our fridge if we want to leave the camper for the day. That way we have no risk of draining precious 12v reserves.

RedVision has brought all our 12v requirements into one display unit, and the added app feature has made everything easy to control and manage from our smartphones whether we’re inside or outside the camper. With all the information we need available at our fingertips, we’re never left to guess whether we have enough power to meet our needs.


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