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Benefits of Solar

Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy known to man.  Sunlight is a natural renewable source of power, and it is free.


Let’s consider some of the popular forms of power used by holiday makers today.  Generators, vehicle power, mains power and stored power would have to be a few of the most popular.


Generators: Generators are loud, require fuel and are generally not allowed to be used in national parks and some caravan parks.  Generators also require a considerable amount of maintenance.


Vehicle Power:  Power from your vehicle is stored in your battery and can power the average campers requirements for some time.  When this stored power runs out though, you must start the vehicle again to charge the battery.  Your vehicle is much like the generator, it is loud and requires fuel, it will also take some time to charge your battery again.


Mains Power: Mains power is a great source of power, as long as it is available.  If you rely solely on mains power this will limit your travel options to caravan parks or powered campsites.  Mains power is also usually generated from coal or gas power plants which are not forms of renewable energy and pollute the environment.


Stored Power: Stored power or batteries are great for powering your gear for a limited time.  Once this time is up you will need to recharge your batteries, either via a generator, your vehicle, mains power or alternatively via solar power.


Solar power will generate power whenever direct sunlight is available.  Even on a cloudy day a solar panel will generate a small amount of power.  This means that the correct size solar system and some efficient usage of your stored power could give you the freedom to travel and camp in remote locations without the need for mains power.


Solar power makes no noise when generating power.  This makes it ideally suited for usage in popular camping areas where there may be people close by.  Unlike generators and wind turbines you will not disturb your neighbours or the surrounding wildlife.


Solar power generation requires no moving parts and therefore maintenance on the system is minimal and there is less likelihood of a breakdown during operation. 


Voltage produced from Solar panels is low approx 12-15 volts DC and is therefore much safer than mains power and does not require a licensed domestic electrician.


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