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Battery Isolation Switch

Battery Master Isolation Switch (BMIS), designed for commercial vehicles and other heavy trucks. The Battery Master Isolation Switch is designed to safely isolate the vehicle batteries in both 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles and will ensure reliable performance when the vehicle is operating. Designed and tested to meet stringent industry standards, the REDARC Battery Master Isolation Switch reassuringly exceeds the requirements for large diesel engines. It also features an ISO 26262 rated dual redundancy system to avoid false triggering.

View the REDARC BMIS product brochure for more specifications and information.

The BMIS pairs well with REDARC’s Roll Over Sensor (ROS), enabling heavy-duty vehicles to meet AS2809 roll-over sensing requirements. The ROS works hand in hand with the BMIS to automatically shut down the vehicle’s engine and all electrics when a dangerous angle of more than 45 degrees is reached, minimising the chance of a spark. 

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Battery Master Isolation Switch - 4PN

The REDARC BMIS4PNV2KIT is a Battery Master Isolation Switch with positive negative isolation designed to isolate both battery circuits.
$1,723.00 (AUD)

Battery Master Isolation Switch - 4PP

The REDARC BMIS4PPV2KIT is a Battery Master Isolation Switch with positive positive isolation designed for heavy vehicles with dual start cables to isolate both battery circuits.
$1,723.00 (AUD)

BMIS Connector Kit

The REDARC BMIS Connector Kit is designed for installation on heavy vehicles where a factory harness is not available.
$172.00 (AUD)

BMIS Adaptor Plate

The REDARC BMIS Adaptor Plate is designed to retrofit the REDARC Battery Master Isolation Switch to existing installation of other brand switches.
$93.00 (AUD)