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Hand Brake Alarms

The REDARC Hand Brake Alarm monitors the hand brake switch and door frame switch to provide audible and visual warning if the door switch is activated while the hand brake switch is not activated. Once the alarm starts, it stays latched on until the hand brake is applied (even if the door is closed again).

The Hand Brake Alarm comes with three connection options, a fly lead, a male connector lead 10 way (9 wire) or as a complete kit that features both a male connector and additional mating connector kit featuring housing and 9 pins.

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Handbrake Alarm

The REDARC Handbrake Alarm is used to monitor the handbrake switch and doorframe switch, providing audible and visual warning if the door is opened while the handbrake is not applied.
$215.00 (AUD)

Mating connector to suit Hand Brake Alarm

Corresponding mating connector kit to suit REDARC's Hand Brake Alarm
$20.00 (AUD)