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24V Vehicle with Tow-Pro™ Elite and Electric/ Hydraulic brakes

Using a 12v or 24v vehicle with a Tow-Pro Elite on electric/hydraulic brakes




I have an Electric/Hydraulic braked boat trailer and I would like to be able to tow it with both a 12V vehicle and a 24V vehicle. I like your Tow-Pro™ Elite and wish to fit this to both vehicles. Do I need any other components to set this up?




Electric/Hydraulic brake systems require signal from the brake controller as well as a separate power supply from the start battery to the hydraulic pump (usually via an Anderson plug).


A 12V vehicle fitted with a Tow-Pro™ Elite would not require extra components to operate an Electric/Hydraulic trailer.


A 24V vehicle fitted with a Tow-Pro™ Elite towing a trailer with Electric/Magnet type brakes will not need extra components however an Electric/Hydraulic braking system would require extra components.


Some Electric/Hydraulic braking systems can be sensitive depending on what electronics are within the hydraulic pump system. This means they may require a 12V input on the Red and Black wire of the Tow-Pro™ Elite, to prevent damage to these electronics. The 12V input on the Red and Black wires can be supplied using a REDARC EB24A.



• Converts a 24 volt brake signal to a 12V signal for the Tow-Pro™ Elite (Red wire)
• Allows the Tow-Pro™ Elite override button to switch on 24 volt brake lights
• Provides charge equalisation of the supply batteries so 12V can be supplied from the 24V battery bank


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