6A DC/DC Battery Charger (BCDC1206)

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Product Description

The BCDC1206 is a three stage 12V DC-DC battery charger that operates with an input of between 9 and 32V.

The input voltage of the BCDC1206 can be above, below or equal to the output voltage making it ideal for charging an auxiliary 12V battery where the distance from the main battery may cause a significant voltage drop.

The wide operating voltage range provides a simple solution to charging trailer mounted batteries.

The BCDC1206 can deliver sufficient current to charge a battery that has a typical DC compressor fridge connected.


  •  Compact in size
  • ·Over current and short circuit protection
  •  High operating temperature range up to 70°C
  • ·Over temperature protection
  •  Input under voltage shutdown
  • ·Input over voltage shutdown
  • ·Led indication of output mode


DC input voltage range

9-32V for continuous operation

Absorption voltage


Float voltage


Boost commencement voltage


No load current (ignition switched on)


Standby current (ignition switched off)


Input protection

Reverse polarity by external fuse (10A fuses required on input - not supplied)

Output protection

Output over-current and short circuit protection. Reverse polarity by external fuse (7.5A fuses required on output - not supplied)

Maximum continuous output current

3.5-6.5A (input/output voltage dependent)


AS/NZS CISPR11:2004 (CISPR 11 ED. 4.1)